Freelancer that people will remember

Freelancer that people will remember

As a freelancer, we were told to be the best of what we are doing. To always do great work. Deliver best results.

Is it enough?


When you share your advanced skills, past successes, achievements, or your shiny portfolio with your potential clients, they might be impressed. You will most likely get hired.

At this point, those clients will see you as an answer. A possible solution to get the job done.

They hire you because they trust in your ability to solve some of their problems. That's all.

They know nothing else about you. They barely know you.


When it's time to do the work. They begin to see you from a different perspective. They see you as a whole person.

A week passed by, a month passed by, 3 months passed by, and so on...

They will start judging you based on your personality. Your willingness to collaborate. Your reactions to things. Your ability to manage emotions. Whether you can (or not) adjust to their culture. Your work ethic. Your absence in difficult times.

Yes. It's You.

Later, in the future. They'll remember you because you are a nice person. A reliable freelancer. They will remember the experience when working with You.

Therefore. Don't seek to be the smartest person in the room, but be a valuable one to every soul in the room.

Credits: Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash